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Kris Ang – Trusted Singapore Realtor for your Relocation to Singapore – Enquiry Form

The most important part of the process of finding and securing housing is finding a good Singapore Realtor or real estate agent. Once expats have managed this feat, what follows is considerably simpler and less stressful.
The more well-prepared you are at the outset, the less overwhelming and chaotic the renting process will be. That’s why I am here to help you!
To help me understand and cater to your needs, tell me about yourself and what you are looking for.
Through your compiled shortlist of criteria for your future home, we will use this info to gather a number of available addresses that match all your listed requirements. The screening process that follows involves the Singapore Realtor taking you on viewings so that you can find your ideal rental homes in Singapore.  We will guide you along so that the whole renting process of renting is smooth, prompt and complete.
The more detailed information you provide me, the better we can help you.

You can call Kris Ang at +65 9222 9919 or email to: